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Notice on carrying out "Safety in Production Month" activities and conducting safety inspections

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All grassroots units and departments of the company:

June this year is the 17th National “Safety Production Month”. The theme of this year ’s event is “Life is paramount, safe development”. In-depth study of General Secretary Xi Jinping ’s important thoughts on production safety. The Party Central Committee, State Council and Provincial Party Committee, Provincial Government and Municipal Party Committee 2. The municipal government's decision-making and deployment on production safety. Focusing on the theme of "life first, safe development", combining the safety production characteristics of our company, adhere to the "safety first, prevention first, comprehensive management" policy, firmly establish the concept of people-oriented, safe development, and organize a safety inspection. Through the safety inspection, improve the safety production management system, increase the investigation and management of hidden safety hazards, promote the implementation of the company's safety subject responsibilities, reduce general accidents, prevent major accidents, curb and eliminate major accidents, and ensure the company's production safety continues to be stable.

The company will set up an inspection team to inspect the current status of production safety management in each project department and grassroots unit, especially the construction environment and occupational health and safety management, three types of personnel holding certificates, use of machinery and equipment, lifting and lifting, and foundation pit opening Excavation, formwork support, scaffolding, construction measures in rainy season, summer season, safety protection measures for special operating environments, temporary power consumption at construction sites, high-altitude operations, fire protection measures, emergency rescue in emergencies, etc., focus on supervision and inspection.

In order to enable this event to be carried out in depth and extensively, and to keep the event in an orderly organization, all grassroots units, agencies and departments are required to increase their education and publicity to their employees, and strive to increase their awareness of safe production. And self-protection awareness of safety and prevention, to avoid and reduce the occurrence of safety production accidents. The company plans to conduct an inspection of all projects under construction in mid-to-late June, leaving no dead spots for inspection, and timely handling hidden safety hazards found during the inspection. The event is organized as follows:

I. Organizational Staff:

Leader: Cao Guangfu

Deputy Leader: Li Qinying, Chen Hong

Members: Hu Guojun Yang Xiaodong Xu Anming Xu Gongcheng Wang Youwen Huang Yi Xi Chao Liu Zhihui Zhou Yuhua Zhang Hangyi Wang Honghai Cheng Guangfeng Yang Jun Wang Daodan Wu Xu Xie Huanfeng

The safety inspection was divided into two groups. The first group was led by Chen Hong, with the cooperation of Huang Zhe, Wang Youwen, Wang Daodan, Xie Huanfeng, etc., and was responsible for inspecting the company's material warehouse, manufacturing company, property company related jurisdictions, and company office buildings. Security situation.

负责检查百盟光彩国际新城项目、义翔铝业技改工程、霸州市胜芳污水厂提标改造工程、银鸽公司二基地外购蒸汽管道施工工程、洛阳市吉利区城市集中供热管网工程、郑州石化分公司加油站改造工程、华祥电力科技楼工程、华豫电厂供汽管网工程、山西昱光间冷塔及贮煤筒仓工程、广州燃气工程等项目部的安全生产情况,其他受检项目公司将根据实际情况安排通知。 The second group, led by Li Qinying, cooperated with Hu Guojun, Yang Xiaodong, Xu Anming, Xi Chao, Zhang Hangyi, Wang Honghai, Xu Gongcheng, Yang Jun, Wu Xu, Zhou Yuhua, Liu Zhihui, Cheng Guangfeng, etc., and was responsible for inspecting the Baimeng Guangcai International New Town Project and Yixiang Aluminum Technology Reconstruction project, Bazhou Shengfang Wastewater Treatment Plant upgrade project, Yinge company second base outsourced steam pipeline construction project, Luoyang City Gili District central heating pipe network project, Zhengzhou Petrochemical Branch gas station reconstruction project, Huaxiang The safety production situation of the project departments of the Power Science and Technology Building Project, Huayu Power Plant's Steam Supply Pipe Network Project, Shanxi Yuguang Intercooling Tower and Coal Storage Silo Project, Guangzhou Gas Project, etc., other inspected project companies will arrange notification according to the actual situation.

2. Inspection time and arrangement of inspected units:

、6月19日召开预备会议,本次安全生产月活动领导小组及有关人员参加,会议讨论各小组检查日程安排、人员分配,如有变动,及时作出调整。 1. On June 19, a preparatory meeting was held. The leading group and related personnel participated in this month of work safety. The meeting discussed the inspection schedule and personnel allocation of each group. If there are changes, make adjustments in a timely manner.

、6月19日至22日检查公司物资仓库、物业公司相关辖区、公司办公楼的安全生产情况。 2. From June 19 to 22, inspect the company's material warehouse, the relevant jurisdictions of the property company, and the company's office building for safe production.

、6月20日至6月29日检查各在建项目的安全生产情况。 3. From June 20 to June 29, check the safety of production of each project under construction.

、其他未接受公司检查组安全检查的项目部,应根据安全检查标准组织自查,并将安全自查情况于6月25日之前报给工程管理部。 4. Other project departments that have not accepted the safety inspection of the company inspection team shall organize self-inspection in accordance with the safety inspection standards, and report the safety self-inspection to the Engineering Management Department before June 25.

、6月27日检查组内部汇报总结。 5. On June 27, the internal report of the inspection team concluded.

、6月29日发布安全月活动检查情况通报。 6. On June 29, a briefing on security month activity inspections was issued.

Third, the main basis and content of the inspection:

、主要依据为《建筑施工安全检查标准》、公司《安全生产管理制度》、《信阳安装总公司施工现场违章处罚实施细则》。 1. Mainly based on the "Construction Safety Inspection Standards for Building Construction", the company's "Safety Production Management System", and "Rules for the Implementation of Penalties for Violations of Construction Sites of Xinyang Installation Corporation"

、主要检查内容,项目部施工现场安全管理、施工过程中安全生产宣传教育、特殊作业人员持证上岗情况、施工机械的使用、施工环境及职业健康管理、特殊作业环境的安全防护措施、安全用电、起重吊装、高空作业、土方施工、脚手架施工、消防措施、突发状况应急救援等均是这次活动的必检内容。 2. Main inspection contents: safety management at the construction site of the project department, publicity and education on safety production during construction, employment of special operators with certificates, use of construction machinery, management of construction environment and occupational health, safety protection measures for special operating environments, safety The use of electricity, lifting and hoisting, high-altitude operations, earthmoving, scaffolding, fire protection measures, emergency rescue in emergencies, etc. are all mandatory contents of this activity.

Disposal of inspection results

、检查中发现的安全隐患,处理的基本原则是,谁管理谁纠正。 1. The basic principle of handling the safety hazards discovered during the inspection is, who manages who corrects. The project department or grassroots unit must carry out rectification in accordance with the three fixed principles (fixing personnel, setting time, and setting measures).

、凡要求进行整改的单位、项目部应认真按照整改通知书的内容时间要求限期整改完毕,并接受检查组或工程管理部的验证。 2. All units and project departments that require rectification should carefully complete the rectification within the time limit according to the content and time requirements of the rectification notice, and accept the verification by the inspection team or the engineering management department.

、在整改过程中弄虚作假不认真整改的单位、项目部,公司将依照管理制度严格处罚。 3. In the process of rectification, the unit and project department that falsified and not rectified seriously will be punished strictly in accordance with the management system.

The project department shall make full use of this activity organized by the company, and conduct a self-inspection on the safety production activities of the project department in a responsible manner to eliminate hidden safety risks. Formulate the next steps to prevent and prevent diseases, especially for the hot summer operations that will soon be faced, the measures should focus on fire prevention, heatstroke prevention and theft prevention. Each project department shall report the situation of self-examination and self-correction, including safety protection measures planning, to the project management department in written form.

管理部、物业公司应分别根据检查的具体情况,对不安全隐患进行一次排查纠正,尤其是雨季即将到来,公司院内防洪排涝工作应及早统筹安排,疏通下水管道积水工作应早着手,争取主动,确保公司生活区、公司物资仓库、铆焊车间不受水患侵袭,安全度汛。 The engineering management department and the property company should conduct an investigation and correction of hidden dangers according to the specific conditions of the inspection, especially the rainy season is approaching. The flood prevention and drainage work in the company's courtyard should be arranged as early as possible. Take the initiative to ensure that the company's living area, the company's material warehouse, and the riveting and welding workshop are not affected by floods and are safe from floods. In addition, the safety of the company's resident area during the summer peak power season is checked and corrected by the property company to prevent and prevent potential hazards.

  It is hoped that all grassroots units, agencies and departments will adhere to the principle of "safety first, prevention first, and comprehensive management", spread the concept of safe production to the majority of employees, and act together across the company to jointly build a superior environment for safe production and achieve The good situation of long-term safety in production safety.




                                 Xinyang Installation Corporation of Henan Province

                                    June 6, 2018

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