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Notice on Doing a Good Job in Preventing Heatstroke and Cooling in 2018

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All grassroots units and departments of the company:

With the advent of summer high temperatures, it has now entered the prone period of safety production accidents. At present, the company's Baimeng Guangcai International New City Project, Bazhou Shengfang Sewage Plant Upgrading and Reconstruction Project, Yixiang Aluminum Industry Technical Transformation Project, Luoyang City Gili District Centralized Heating Pipe Network Project, Xinjiang Yili Wastewater Treatment Project, Hainan Gas Project , Guangzhou Gas Engineering and other projects are under construction. In order to do a good job of safety production, labor protection and heatstroke reduction during the high temperature in summer of 2018, implement various preventive measures, maintain the safety and health of employees in labor production, ensure the smooth operation of the company's production and operation activities, control and prevent various Occurrence of similar accidents. The company requires each project department, grass-roots unit, and functional department of the organization to closely integrate with the actual situation of the unit, perform their duties in accordance with the management authority at all levels, perform the duties of the job carefully, and set up the corresponding relationship between production safety and work. Strive to achieve production safety goals. To this end, the company put forward the following requirements to each construction project department:

、施工现场安全生产 1.Safety production at the construction site

、各基层单位 在施工过程中认真贯彻落实公司安全生产各项管理制度, 特别是针对暑期作业的有关内容,增强安全意识,切实做到“安全第一,预防为主,综合治理”。 1.1 . During the construction process , all grass-roots units carefully implemented the company's various production safety management systems, especially for summer operations related content, strengthened safety awareness, and effectively achieved "safety first, prevention first, comprehensive management".

、加大安全防护设施的投入,添置必要的安全防护用品,并对原有安全设施进行一次大检查,及时维修和更换锈蚀老化设施,确保安全设施的安全性、可靠性。 1.2 Increase investment in safety protection facilities, purchase necessary safety protection supplies, conduct a major inspection of the original safety facilities, timely repair and replace rusting and aging facilities, and ensure the safety and reliability of safety facilities.

、合理安排作业时间,尽量减少烈日下作业,积极改善施工现场的施工条件,根据现场实际,作好安全技术交底,坚持班前安全会制度。 1.3 Reasonably arrange the operation time, minimize the operation under the hot sun, and actively improve the construction conditions at the construction site. According to the actual situation on the site, make a thorough technical and safety assignment and adhere to the pre-shift safety meeting system.

、对高空作业、基础开挖、模板支护、脚手架搭设、起重吊装、临时用电等风险较大的施工内容,重点加强安全防护。 1.4 . For high-risk construction contents, such as high-altitude operations, foundation excavation, formwork support, scaffolding, lifting and hoisting, temporary electricity use, etc., the emphasis is on strengthening safety protection. Educate employees to increase awareness of safety and prevention of diseases, and strictly prohibit illegal operations to prevent accidents.

、对暑期从事高空作业人员,坚决履行持证上岗,同时坚持先体检身体,后上岗作业,身体条件不能达标者,严禁高空作业,确保施工活动万无一失。 1.5 For those engaged in aerial work in the summer, resolutely perform the work with a certificate, and at the same time adhere to the physical examination first, and later work, if the physical conditions can not meet the standards, high-altitude operations are strictly prohibited to ensure foolproof construction activities.

及时关注气象部门的气象信息,提前做好现场预防生产安全事故的各项措施,现场焊接、生活用电要采取措施,防止火灾事故,关键部位要有安全生产监护人员,适量储备消防器材和避雨防潮物资。 1.6 . Pay close attention to the meteorological information of the meteorological department in time, and do a variety of measures to prevent production safety accidents in advance. Measures must be taken at the site for welding and domestic electricity to prevent fire accidents. Safety production supervisors must be provided in key areas and appropriate fire equipment should be stored And shelter from rain and moisture.

、各施工现场配备足够的消防器材,建立应急救援系统,必要时举行应急救援演练。 1.7 . Each construction site shall be equipped with sufficient fire fighting equipment, establish an emergency rescue system, and hold emergency rescue drills when necessary.

、员工生活和劳动保护 2. Employee life and labor protection

要保证现场饮用水或绿豆汤的充足供应,并 配备人丹、十滴水、藿香正气水等防暑必备药品,配备医疗药箱 ,预防中暑。 2.1 . Ensuring adequate supply of drinking water or mung bean soup on site , equipped with essential heatstroke prevention drugs such as almond, ten drops of water, Huoxiangzhengqi water, etc., equipped with a medical kit to prevent heat stroke.

、加强工地食堂的食品卫生管理,预防食品中毒,严禁出现变质食品;做好生产一线的食堂、宿舍、通风不好场所的检查工作,对存在的问题要及时整改。 2.2 . Strengthen the food hygiene management of the canteens at the construction site, prevent food poisoning, and prevent spoiled food; do a good job of inspecting canteens, dormitories, and poorly ventilated places on the production line, and rectify existing problems in a timely manner.

、清理和整顿施工现场生活居住条件,保证职工食堂内的生活饮用水的供应,职工宿舍内各种降温电器的用电线路正规及保护器应安全可靠。 2.3 . Clean up and rectify the living conditions at the construction site, ensure the supply of drinking water in the staff canteen, and the power lines of various cooling appliances in the staff dormitory should be safe and reliable.

、物业公司应高度重视暑期用电高峰带来的变压器、电缆线路超负荷运载状况,适当储备维修配件和备料,防患突发断电形成被动,影响公司家属院生活秩序。 3. Property companies should attach great importance to the overloaded load conditions of transformers and cable lines caused by summer power peaks, properly store maintenance parts and materials, and prevent sudden power outages from becoming passive, affecting the life order of the company's family hospitals. To further implement the reliability of fire fighting equipment, the dry powder fire extinguisher should be replaced with a new fire extinguisher in an extended period of time, and the drainage ditch in the hospital should be implemented promptly to prevent poor water in the rainy season from forming water accumulation in the hospital and affecting residents' travel.

、防暑降温费(高温津贴)的发放: 4 , the payment of heatstroke cooling fee (high temperature allowance):

In order to effectively protect the personal health of workers and related rights and interests, and to strengthen the work of preventing heatstroke and cooling in the workplace, this year's heatstroke reduction fee is the scope of the high-temperature allowance: all employees who work at the company (including temporary) are included in the scope of payment.

Summer heatstroke cooling time: three months from June to August 2018.

From June 1, 2018 to August 31, 2018, employees (including temporary workers) enjoy a 200 yuan heatstroke cooling fee, which will be distributed in three times. The first time was paid in June with 60 yuan paid to employees on duty; the second time was paid in July with 70 yuan paid to employees at work; the third time was paid in August with 70 yuan paid to employees at work. Employees on duty need to enjoy more than 50% of the heatstroke cooling fee each time they attend work. Less than 20% of employees do not enjoy the heatstroke cooling fee. Less than 50% of employees can only enjoy the heatstroke cooling fee of 40 yuan. Each independent accounting and contracting unit shall not pay the heatstroke cooling fee in cash. Each person shall use the heatstroke cooling fee (high-temperature allowance) in a centralized manner to purchase and distribute heatstroke cooling drugs, food, and improve field operations and living conditions. To calculate the cost, each construction project department must ensure that there are no heat stroke accidents in the summer. Other personnel are issued by the company manager's office, and the expenses are included in the company's costs.

The summer safety protection is related to the overall situation of safety in production. It requires all grassroots units and project departments to attach great importance to it, arrange it rationally, organize it carefully, and earnestly implement it to ensure that the goal of summer safety in production is achieved.



Xinyang Installation Corporation of Henan Province

                                                                   June 6, 2018

annex Announcement No. 2018 (02) of the Principal General Quality of the People's Republic of China on the Work of Preventing Heatstroke and Cooling in 2018.pdf

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